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Challenge FAQ


What is the Double Peak Challenge Virtual 10k?

The Double Peak Challenge is a fundraiser for two great charities that through their work make meaningful contributions to parks, recreation, education and career opportunities. This year we have gone virtual. A virtual run event is similar to a traditional running event except the participant completes it entirely on their own. There is not a mandatory location or course that the event must be complete nor a mandatory time. This virtual event is a win-win for our comunity in that it creates a fun physical challenge for each participant and the proceeds help our community in real and meaningful ways.


When and how do I submit my race results?

Run result submissions are optional and can be done through the registration website by clicking on the race name under your registrations.


What is included in the $35 race entry fee?

Although some pieces of your race package are still being decided upon you will at least receive a wood medal to celebrate your accomplishment and a piece of Stone Brewing merchandise. 


What if I want to participate but cannot complete the full 10k distance?

That is still OK! It is perfectly okay to cover the distance over several days or weeks. 


When do I receive my race package?

Shipments will be made in the month of September. An announcement will be sent via


Can I donate money to the Friends of San Marcos Parks & Recreation without registering for the event?

Absolutely! Start by visiting to learn more.